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Chrono™ Senso-DM

For the rapid and efficient differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into peripheral sensory neurons. These sensory neurons are characterized by sensory specific markers PERIPHERIN, BRN3A, and ISL1, and general neuron marker TUJ1. Useful for somato-sensory pain modeling or regenerative peripheral nerve grafting .


  • FAST - Generates sensory neurons in an easy-to-use monolayer protocol in only eight days.

  • PURE - Up to 70% efficiency of ISL1+/BRN3A+/ PERIPHERIN+ sensory neurons. 

  • FUNCTIONAL - MEA recordings possible as early as 7 days after differentiation. Check out our pain model in our Product Information Sheet.

Product Documentation

Product Information Sheet

Product Manual

Picture Morphology Guide

Safety Data Sheet


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Up to 3M Cells


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